Thursday, 27 September 2007

First class for creative sketchbooks.

Attended my first class for the City and Guild Creative Sketchbooks class. Some of the time was spent on talking about the course, what is involved etc and meeting the other people in the class. There are four of us which is a nice size really.
In this class we were looking mainly at colour and getting some paint onto the pages of a work book (see picture above) which will be the repository for future sample pieces etc. and will act as a point of reference when working on the assessed books.
It was such fun to be able to put paint onto paper without thinking about producing a picture from it and to learn about colour mixing without producing a colour wheel. I am at a bit of an advantage in these early classes as I have done colour theory in my painting classes but a bit of revision never hurt anyone.
Not much to show at the moment but hey...this is only the first lesson.
Watch this space.

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