Thursday, 13 December 2007

End of term

Last class for this term. I was not sure whether I would be going to class as we had our christmas lunch with people from Penny's painting classes and, to put it plainly, I pigged out. I think three mince pies may have been a little greedy. But it was a lovely meal and nice to get together with other class mates. I was so pleased Mo could come. Her hat was a winner.
Anyway I managed to drag myself to class this evening...or rather, I managed to drag myself out to Penny's car. We were recycling today. We started by tearing pictures and text from magazines and sticking them into our work books. The pictures and text had to have a theme. Mine was travel. The photos are not wonderful but I think they are good enough to get a rough idea of what we were doing. The second thing was creating something from papier mache but I did not have time so I will do that during the Christmas break.


Middle Ditch said...

It looks good

Jane said...

I enjoyed looking at your blog, especially these journal pages. Have fun with the TIF Challenge and I'll see ya over there. Have a hapy new year!