Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to the world and beyond and especially to my friends and family.

In time-honoured tradition, once again I am NOT going to make any New Year resolutions. Pointless exercise as far as I am concerned as they are either conveniently forgotten or broken before the 1st January is consigned to the annals of history. However, I thought this year I should make some sort of effort to face the year rather than roll over and face the wall. So...... I have decided to set a couple of doable (is that a word?) goals. Just to give me some sense of achievement.

First of all, and probably most difficult....sort out the chaotic way in which I live (did I say doable...yikes). With small steps such as starting a project/ideas file or files to keep ideas, sketches, photos etc together so that, when I come to work on something I can find it.

Sorting out the mass of arts/craft materials. I tell you, I could start my own Art and Craft Emporium and not have to order in for many months.

Starting work on my "100 places" project. I have set up a blog ( to record progress on this one and have made an introductory entry by way of explanation. Please do not be put off by the blog title....I have no intention of throwing of this mortal coil just yet.....just liked the surreal ring to it. Just to whet your appetite I am going to start with Whitby, Crac des Chevaliers and Mount Everest. Further information will be posted at 100 places in the next few days.

I have included a drawing I did recently using the new Derwent Onyx pencils which I have to say are a joy to use.

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