Sunday, 1 August 2010

Temple of Zeus

I attended a workshop with Penny last Thursday and spent some of the time trying to complete a commission which I had started about 6 months ago (at least). It is the Temple of Zeus at Side in Turkey and was done from a photograph taken by my chiropodist when she holidayed there last year. Knowing I liked to paint and draw she asked if I could do a painting of it which I immediately agreed to and then spent weeks regretting it. I was nervous about not doing a good enough job so had not proceeded very far but I decided I must get it done and dusted as it was always in the back of my mind that I must get it finished. Anyway a couple of hours on Thursday and another 10 hours or so work subsequently and the Temple is finished and ready to be delivered. Hooray. I am quite pleased with it. Most of my coloured pencil work up until now has been still life, flowers and wildlife. This is the first building and I really enjoyed doing it so I shall certainly be doing some more, probably old buildings and ruins such as this.

Temple at Side
Coloured Pencil on anthracite Pastelmat

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