Friday, 23 November 2007

Sketch Book

First of all, apologies for no blog last week.....put it down to the miserable weather we have had! Special apologies to Mo.
This week we experimented with different paint techniques such as using cling film, bubble wrap, salt and paper doilies to create wonderful patterns in paint quite easily. We also created our won initial stamp which we will use later in the course to create patterns.
Rather than show examples of the work I did at class I am posting a copy of the first page of the assessed sketch book. The subject I have chosen is the English oak and am going to illustrate the life cycle of the tree together with its uses and imagery. I have decided to do the book as a story and the illustration shows the title page. The oak leaves and acorns are cut out from pages created during class using the monoprinting method.

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Helena said...

This is lovely! It reminds me of the displays they do at the primary school my partner teaches at. I helped him cut and paint leaf shapes for his autumn term display last year!