Sunday, 11 November 2007

Taking a line for a walk

At this week's class we were looking at line.....straight lines, curved lines, lines of different thickness and lines created using different tools...pens, sticks, various plastic tools and so on. Line is something that holds a fascination for me anyway. Where would the doodle be without line. My picture this week shows a labyrinth created just "taking a line for a walk.
Betty showed us a sketch book she had created based on the work of an artist I had not come across before, Ton Schulten. ( I had a look on the internet at some of his work and it is very much to my taste. Blocks of strong colour. An interesting technique that Betty had used in her book was that of fusing plastic together which I definitely want to try as the effect was rather stunning. But that will be another day!

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Helena said...

I like this. It looks like a slice through a tree. I might have a go at this myself. Taking a line for a walk, that is. Not slicing trees.