Thursday, 1 November 2007

Clean hands

No getting our hands dirty today. We looked at elements of design. We started with lines and curves y drawing vertical and horizontal lines and curves randomly in 12 rectangular boxes. We then identified the different angles created in these boxes.
We then went on to look for patterns in various pictures. I have show one of the examples above...three different shapes in a bed of clams. I could have carried on with this exercise for a long while. I have found since starting painting classes back in 2003 and now doing this course, that I look at the world quite differently. I see things in term of their colour, shape, texture etc., sometimes imaging how I would translate them into a painting or drawing, what colours I would use and so on. It makes waiting in queues a whole lot more bearable because I can always find some object to "study" to pass the time.
I have also progressed my sketchbook this week and have decided to have a narrative to bring the contents together. I am going to call it Tale of a Tree.
Once again coffee and cake was delicious as usual. My remark in a previous posting about Mr Kipling was not intended in a derogatory way, Betty!


Vivian said...

great exercises you are going through ... is this City & Guilds?

Marion said...

Thanks for your comment. yes, I am doing City and Guilds "Creative Sketchbooks"