Thursday, 25 October 2007

The book is filling up...

Iwas getting a bit worried on two counts. Firstly, my workbook did not seem to be filling up. I was thinking perhaps I was not doing enough. Secondly, my sketchbook was also looking pretty empty apart from a couple of pages that had been coloured with vegetable dyes. Today, Betty did an initial assessment and I realised that I had actually done quite a bit. I may have an empty sketchbook but I have a plan worked out for the content of my book and the cover design, I have a collection of reference photos for use. And, I have done everything I should have done so all the boxes were ticked so I am feeling a lot more confidant. We did and colour grid to show tints, shades and hues....something I never done before or ever thought of doing. We also used our monoprints from last week to cut up and put in our workbooks.
We also experimented with some brilliant stuff called Puff Binder 3D paint which you spread onto a surface and then heat when it, as the name implies, puffs up. You can spread it thick or thin, or in shapes...the possibilities are endless. Once it has been heated you can paint it. I have posted 2 pictures this week. One is of a print I did last week which I have cut into strips and stuck the strips into my book but slightly out of their original alignment. I then drew into parts of the print. The other picture is of my experiment with the Puff Binder to create a seascape.
Thanks for the encouragement, Betty (and the delicious cake and coffee).

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