Thursday, 4 October 2007

Creative Sketchbooks Lesson 2

Lots of fun with different types of paper, both handmade and machine made. Mst were handmade from various materials from rag pulp to elephant dung...the latter I bought in Thailand a couple of years ago when I visited the site of this strange manufacture. Other materials included tobacco leaves, silk, jute and onion skin. Many of the papers are from India and Nepal where they create the most beautiful papers. I visited a paper factory in Bhaktapur in Nepal some years ago and I can still remember it. I am sure some one from medieval times would have felt at home there. Very little seemed to have changed over many years of production.

Apart from looking at and discussing the papers we also experimented with applying various inks to the surfaces to see the effects and the resulting samples were stuck into our workbooks. I annotated some of my papers with notes on how the paper reacted etc. The result can be seen above. This shows part of the page.

I am really enjoying this course and my mind is full of ideas for future work.

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