Friday, 19 October 2007

What a mess!

This week's Creative Sketchbook class was possibly the messiest so far. We were doing mono printing...basically, it involves spreading printing ink onto a glass surface, drawing, stamping or or in some other way, creating a design in the inky surface, laying a piece of paper on the ink, pressing it down with either hands or a rollers, lifting the paper and revealing a print. This process can be carried out a couple of times with the image becoming fainter. You can also get a "ghost" print by pressing a sheet of paper on the first print and applying pressure. A sample of my efforts is shown. It is supposed to be an oak leaf and acorn! I cannot remember whether I have said that the subject of my assessed sketchbook is "The English Oak". At the end of the class my hands were covered with a mixture of blue, black and green printing ink. Thank goodness it is water soluble. I have a hatred bordering on phobia, of getting my hands dirty so this course will either make or break me!
I would like to make a mention of our brilliant teacher. Her name is Betty Ruffel and she is a very good teacher...enthusiastic and encouraging. And, like Mr Kipling, she bakes exceedingly good cakes. Thank you Betty.

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