Thursday, 11 October 2007

Paint and paper

Week three of the Creative Sketchbook course and am loving it. We started by outlining our action plan for our sketchbook. I am going to base my on the English oak. I was originally going to base it on trees, then I narrowed it down to British native species and then, finally, decided on the English oak. I plan to look not only at the tree itself, but its history, uses, and the flowers and fauna which live in or are associated with it. So, quite a lot there to keep me amused for many months to come. paints to create interesting papers. Rather than keep my sheets whole, I cut them up into various shapes and stuck them into my work book on pages which I had painted at the first class. A of part of one of We also experimented with using wax crayons and embossing sheets together with pearlisedpicturethese pages is posted here. I have also uploaded a picture of some "colour wheels" that I did this week, both of which uses pictures from a gardening catalogue. I have done a "standard" colour wheel but thought it would be interesting to do some variations.

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