Friday, 18 January 2008

More stencils and some prints

I did a couple more stencils at home. This time I used special finger sponge daubers (which I did not realise I had until I came across them whilst looking for something else!!!) and a stamp pad which has a rainbow of different colours. I think they look better than using paint. I was especially pleased with the cockerel.
We did handprinting yesterday. Images were incised into polystyrene tiles using a kebab stick and then printed using a hand printing press....I want one!
Betty also showed us some interesting techniques using lutrdur (which is like a stiff vilene), bondaweb and gold foil. She kindly gave us samples of each to play with at home. I will post the results sometime. I think Betty's courses should carry a Health the effect that even more of the time and money which you do not have will be taken!!!!! My head is fair buzzing with ideas. I have recently been doing more mixed media/collage paintings and all these new things Betty shows us gives me so many ideas. And who needs sleep!!!!

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