Thursday, 7 February 2008


There was no class last week as Betty was away. This week we had one-to-ones to assess our progress, discuss how our sketchbooks were progressing and discuss ideas for our second project which is a freestanding book. I have decided to do my in the form of a star book and using Buddhist symbols as the theme. I did a little rough model of a star book which I have downloaded above.
We also did some experimenting using Tyvek, which is a non-tearing material used for security envelopes. Pieces of pictures etc from glossy magazines were pasted onto a piece of Tyvek and this was covered with fine tissue paper. The glue was dried and the piece was ironed between sheets of baking parchment until the Tyvek had dissolved leaving just the tissue and the paper. I then decorated my piece with oil pastels and water colour. It can also be stitched. The effect was quite pleasing as the picture above shows. I am definitely going to use this technique again, possibly to make pieces to incorporate into collage.

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