Thursday, 14 February 2008

Paper engineering

Lots of fun....making the equivalent of pop-up cards. Unfortunately I left the results of my labours in the workshop so I hope someone finds it and keeps it until next week. I would like to try some more paper engineering as I found it very satisfying to do. I came across a web site the other day that had templates to to pop up buildings such as the Taj Mahal and the Potala palace....but I think I may need to get some practice at the basics before I try that. The web link to look at some brilliant models and also to download templates is

As I cannot show a picture of my card I am showing some more pages from my Oak Tree sketch book. The page of leaves show examples of leaves made from silk paper, tissue paper, some bought artificial leaves and examples of stamped leaves. The other shows a photo of the branches of an oak tree with three areas selected to do line drawings to show the complexity of the way in which the branches grow.

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