Monday, 21 April 2008

The finishing post is in sight.............!

.....and that is not a good thing. For one thing, I have really enjoyed doing this course (and of course eating Betty's cakes!). And I also seem to have a lot to do to finish everything. I am sure if I itemised everything still to do, it would not looks so bad (not convinced on that one. Still, nil desperandum. Onwards and up or downwards.
I thought I would take this opportunity whilst waiting for the paint on the front cover on my first project book to dry, to upload a few more pictures from my oak tree book.
The two pictures show firstly, various galls that occur on oak leaves. These are down using bits of tyvek, painted and heated. The little golden rings were done by winding yellow thread round jewellery jump rings and it took seemed a good idea when I thought of it. And they look fairly like the originals, I think.
The second picture are pen and ink drawings of the various insects that cause the galls. I've used different techniques for each. One is done using just lines the other just dots and the last using blocks of flat colour. Although it does not show very well in the picture the wings are small pieces of white organza.

Will upload more pictures soon as he paint is almost dry.

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