Friday, 4 April 2008

I'm back

To anyone who reads my blog with any sort of regularity, my apologies for not having added anything for a few weeks. But I am back....not that I have been anywhere apart from cloud cuckoo land perhaps. Quite a lot to catch up on both on techniques and progress with the two project books.

We are nearly at the end of techniques for the workbook. Some of the latest techniques are show in these five images. The first is some bookbinding techniques based on Japanese methods and using fancy thread. The next image of some experimentation with water soluble fabric. Basically you colour, stitch or in some way mark the paper. You then use a brush or similar tool to add water to the parts of the water soluble paper you wish to dissolve. That is the basics....there is a lot of scope for experiment! The results can be very interesting.. The next image is a piece of brown paper that has been stitched and embellished and then treated with colour, in this case brown and liming preparation to create something that looks like leather I also added verdigris to give it a little added something! The next image show another experiment with water soluble material....The final image is my first experiment in making a pop-up. I think the paper engineering is one of my favourite parts of this course and I plan to do a lot mor when the course is finished.

My next blog, hopefully within the next few days will show some images from my Oak Tree book which is very nearly finished. I have had some trouble with the cover but that is another story which I will save for another blog.

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