Friday, 2 May 2008

More from the Oak

A couple more pictures from my first project book. The bottom pcture is a collage of an old sailing ship to represent the fact that oak was one of the main timbers used to build English ships including the Mary Rose and the Victory.
The upper picture shows some watercolours of various fungi which depend on the oak tree. The left hand page show fungi which benefit the oak by giving nutrient in exchange for those they take from the oak. The right hand page shows fungi which give nothing to the oak in exchange for what they take and in fact can damage or kill the tree.

I realise that I have out up these images rather piecemeal without explaining the way in which the book has been planned. It is not in chapters as such but the topics covered in order are:

- the life cycle of the oak
- the different parts of the tree looked at in more detail
- the uses to which the oak has, and is still being put
- the oak as part of the history and mythology of England
- the oak as a symbol
- quotations mentioning the oak

I am still working on the cover but it represents the trunk of the oak with a door cut into the front. Hopefully, this time next week I hope to have the cover finished, and indeed, the whole book so I can upload the rest of the book including the cover......and then I have to finish the second book..but more about that later

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