Monday, 1 June 2009

My latest work of art!!

I attended one of Penny Wilton's excellent workshops last Thursday. This one was held at Holt Village Hall, a venue Penny uses regularly and is a very good venue....a large hall, plenty of tables and chairs and a nice kitchen. It is also rather nice for painting outdoors should you wish and the weather is appropriate.

I had no idea what I was going to do at this particular workshop so I put some brushes, canvases and acrylics in my bag. At the last moment I picked up a book I had recently purchases about still life and decided perhaps that would be what I would do. I had also grabbed a handful of pictures which I had recently printed hoping for inspiration. En route to Holt I decided to do a still life based on some pictures taken at Hampton Court of Tudor goblets, plates and boxes.

Unfortunately, when I unpacked my bag, I discovered none of those pictures were in the handful I had fact none of the photos were remotely what you could call "still life." Fortunately, Penny had brought some of her objet d'art and some fruit plus a cloth so I was able to arrange them and use them.

This is the result. It was an attempt to paint in the style of Paul Cezanne who I greatly admire. I was moderately pleased with it although I think I may do a bit more work on it. Incidentally, I used a linen canvas rather than the usual cotton and found it very pleasant to use. I shall certainly use line canvases again. The figure is supposed to be a cat although looking at it it resembles a pig...a long skinny pig, if such a creature exists. Maybe I had better to a bit more work on it.

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