Saturday, 20 June 2009

Tibetan lady finished and a pastel painting

The pencil drawing of the Tibetan lady is finished. I decided to leave the lower part of the drawing unfinished. I like the effect of doing that. I am quite pleased with it and really enjoyed doing it. So much so, that I have started on another drawing of hands with prayer beads. Have not got very far with it but have posted a picture of it anyway.

Tibetan Lady June 2009

Tibetan Lady. Graphite

Hands and beads June 2009

Hands and Beads. Graphite

I did another workshop with Penny last Thursday and decided to use pastels. About 3 years ago (I am ashamed to admit) I promised a friend a watercolour of the Old Harry Rocks, Dorset. And a promise it has so far remained despite constant badgering and reminders from friends! I did make a start about 6 months ago and came across that start a couple of weeks ago. Having just purchased and excellent book by Bill Creevy on pastel painting and bought a selection of pastels I thought perhaps I could “finish” the watercolour with pastels. Below is the result. I am not totally happy with it but as I have not done much pastel work I guess it is not too bad. I did not really enjoy working on the rough watercolour paper with the pastels so plan to do another “Old Harry” using pastel paper, probably Fisher 400 as I have done some practice work on that and liked the effect.  Watch this space

old harry June 2009

Old Harry Rocks. Pastel over watercolour

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