Tuesday, 4 January 2011

January Sketchbook Challenge

The theme for the January Sketchbook Challenge is "Highly Prized", what is highly prized to me.....where do I start. Well, with a mind map. I know some people do lists and the like when they are trying to organise thoughts and get down ideas but I find mind maps more effective, for me, anyway. Above is my mind map for January. I began by splitting it into tangible, eg friends and family, wildlife, books etc and intangible eg the 5 senses, life and so on.

It seems a lot of things are highly prized in my world so I think I am going to have to narrow it down. I am going to start with the 5 senses first and see where I go from there.
Although I am going to use separate pages and form them into an accordion book, one for each month, for this month, at least I am going to work in a sketch book and take the pages out to make up into the book.
The cover of each book will be decorated to reflect book the theme and the month. As I plan to do each cover in a different colour I thought I would take the birthstone for each month and use that colour. The birthstone for January is a garnet so the cover will be a darkish red-brown colour.
I have also collected together a basic set of drawing equipment which I will keep in a pencil case. Graphite pencil, watercolour pencils and a wash brush, drawing pens and some coloured felt tip pens. I can add to this as and when.I can keep that and the sketch book plus a notebook together so I can work at odd moments as I get ideas and, hopefully, inspiration.
I think I am ready to go.

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