Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sketchbook Challenge - the story continues

Another page for the Sketchbook Challenge. This represents Tuesday afternoon painting classes and the friends with whom I paint...especially those who sit with me in the naughty corner. I am so lucky a) to be able to attend these classes and b) to share the time with such jolly good friends. We paint, chatter, drink coffee and generally enjoy ourselves. Most of the people in this class have been painting together for a number of years. It is a very "comfortable" group. Above all, no one "judges" what any one else does. We share ideas, advice and so on and any criticism is constructive. And we are lucky enough to have a very good teacher, Penny, who is also a very good friend.
Without going into too much detail Penny, painting classes and my "naughty corner" friends have been such an important part of my life in the past 7 years, picking me up from the depression I had sunk into and giving my life a purpose and meaning. And they are always there with a helping hand and kind words when needed. I love them dearly. Bless you, girls!

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